San Antonio Spurs’ Drill

Transition Drill

Start with 5 Lines along the Baseline, as if you were going to run a 5-Man Weave. The 2 outside lines should be just inside the Sideline.

The players on the 3 inside lines are going to begin the Drill running a 3-Man Weave. The 2 player on the outside lines are going to sprint down the sideline and around a Chair/Cone that is placed Free Throw Line extended at the far basket. They will continue back toward the original basket they started at and form a Tandem.

The players on the 3 inside lines running a 3-Man Weave, will Weave up, and then come back down the Floor anyway they choose (pass ahead, dribble the length, etc.). So going up they will be going 3 on 0 in a Weave fashion, and then coming back it will be a 3 on 2 drill against the 2 players who were on the outside lines that raced up the floor, around the Chair/Cone and now are scrambling back to their original basket to form a Tandem.

The Drill Begins on the 1st pass from the Middle man (make sure outside lines do not leave early). Try to complete the Weave in no more than 4 Passes. Have Players rotate one Line to their LEFT when they get back to ensure the lines are balanced

Note: For a better visual, you have from left to right along the Baseline, Lines  A   B   C   D   E . Lines B, C, and D will be running a 3-Man Weave. Lines A and E will be sprinting down the sideline, around a Chair/Cone and come back toward their original basket.


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